Letter: Where LEDs lead, let’s not follow

I very much appreciated the Jan. 9 editorial, “Rappahannock the Beautiful.” The beauty of our county and the desire of the residents to manage and protect this environment was a primary reason my husband and I moved here a little over a year ago. I am increasingly concerned that the county has started down a one-way path that will diminish the natural beauty, the dark skies and the respect for simplicity in lifestyle that currently exists in the county that we call home.

Not everyone is a fan of the LED sign in front of RCHS.
Not everyone is a fan of the LED sign in front of RCHS. | Rappahannock News

The detraction I am referring to is the appearance of LED signboards. I believe that the high school LED sign on U.S. 211 is a huge blight on our landscape and am offended by its presence when I drive past. I have hoped that the school board would turn off the lights; however, it seems that the practice of allowing LED signboards has instead taken a different turn. Allowing the school signboard has now enabled the Quicke Mart to have an LED sign for the display of its gas prices.

It may seem that these are small changes to our wonderful way of life; however, we moved here from Yorktown — where, over a short, 30-year span, we watched such seemingly small changes gradually degrade a semi-rural area to ghastly streets of strip malls and Walmarts.

I do hope that the county’s board of supervisors acts now and prevents further incursions of LED signs in our county. For me, while I might not have any way to respond to the school’s sign, I can attempt to “vote with my wallet” and choose to not make purchases from any business that uses them.

Beth Plentovich
Flint Hill

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