Letter: LED signs: ‘A blight on the vistas’

I absolutely concur with Beth Plentovich’s letter last week lamenting the two LED signs which now, sadly, mar our main road through Rappahannock. What is to stop more businesses from following suit unless we, the residents of this unique and beautiful place, express our displeasure with such a blight on the vistas we so treasure?

This is a special place, of windswept fields and weathered barns, of silent woods and sun-dappled ponds; its entire character is bruised by the garish light emitted from these signs. Few places this close to a major city can claim to be as pristine and unsullied as Rappahannock County. What a shame this unwelcome trend — started by the high school and now continued by the Quicke Mart — is.

And while I’m at it, when the most recent snows melt, why don’t each and every one of us get out and pick up one piece of trash from a road or highway? That too would help preserve the splendor we are privileged (and oh so lucky) to be surrounded by!

Suzanne Schiffman

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