Letter: More voices: A good thing

There was a full house at the Feb. 3 Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors meeting. This was in sharp contrast to the normal audience of a half dozen, and that’s counting the Rappahannock News’ reporter.

When we got to the public comment period, I was pleased when a regular got up to encourage the visitors to come more often to contribute to the process of county government. The drawing card that day was the possible approval of a resolution chastising our newly elected Attorney General Mark Herring for not doing his job. Close to three dozen individuals shared their thoughts, which were varied.

Some talked about the state constitution versus the U.S. Constitution and even mentioned the 14th Amendment. Some talked about the definition of marriage, both legally and in terms of Christianity. Many felt that the scope of the resolution was outside of the concerns of what our small county government should be and were worried about the ramifications of driving a wedge between segments of our community. One predicted that if we passed the resolution we would be the subject (or was that the object?) of national attention.

Meanwhile, I begin to wonder that if, from those hard wooden benches of Rappahannock’s upstairs courthouse, our power could be so far-reaching, why couldn’t we go after that scoundrel President Putin?

Chris Parrish
Supervisor, Stonewall-Hawthorne district

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