Letter: Let’s sacrifice the publisher!

I feel concerned and sorry for Walter Nicklin [“Weather why’s,” Feb. 6], since he is so closed-minded. Someone with a dearth of facts and a weak argument will make their point even weaker by demeaning and belittling those who hold another, educated view.

Thus, in his editorial, when he stooped to minimize those who do not believe that global “warming” is anthropogenic, he referred to them in the basest terms.

Why would the publisher of a newspaper diminish his readers by making fun of them?

He refers to “climate-change deniers” (a biased term used by politicians, not physicists) as “Flat Earthers.” Goodness, where is his expertise? If he does not hold a degree in either meteorology or physics, the basis for his view must be political or simply his personal opinion. If he hasn’t done his research, he should beware. Presenting what someone else believes as “another conspiracy” shows he is not willing even to debate the topic, since he realizes his arguments will be challenged and may be wrong.

“Challenge” is what makes science greater than ourselves. Science is never “settled.” Apparently, he finds it easier to simply laugh at the physicists and meteorologists who, obviously, continue to research and debate this issue. They will tell you the reasons are more complex than you describe.

Consider, too, that if some of the changes are anthropogenic, it means we need to get rid of the “anthropos.” Due to his opinion, I am certain he will volunteer to go first.

Patricia S. O’Bannon
Henrico County
(landowner in Rappahannock County)

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