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School board, supervisors tout a ‘frugal budget’

Despite informing the county board of supervisors that they were able to allocate an additional $59,000 toward the 2014-15 school budget last Thursday (March 20), Rappahannock County’s school board is still not requesting any additional funds from the county — or the public. […]


2014’s snowfall put a blanket over business

Many retail and visitor-related businesses in Rappahannock County — where business is never anywhere as good in January and February as it is in spring and fall — can’t wait to see the winter of 2014’s record snowfall get into the record books — and off the streets. […]

Paul Reisler (third from right) and Howard Levy (left) perform at A Thousand Questions’ concerts April 5 in Charlottesville and April 6 in Little Washington.

The Rapp for March 27

Our Fourth (Estate) Friday takes a month off, Piedmont Softball’s Chili Bowl 2014 is open to entrants, RAAC screens “Captain Phillips,” Paul Reisler and A Thousand Questions perform two local concerts, the Master Naturalists guide visitors through Montpelier’s forest and more in this week’s Rapp column. […]


Editorial: Full disclosure

A small confession: I once received a speeding ticket on my way to work here in Rappahannock, further proving that nothing — not even editorials — remains abstract in small towns. Indeed, everything is personal. […]

Ben Hudson

Blue State Bluegrass Brunch

Say Rappahannock heidi-ho and here we go!The Brunch is now four years in a row! We’ll crank up the music and set out the foodTo make sure folks are in a good mood. At Washington […]

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Letter: Bob Dennis’ permanent mark

Humans inhabited our unspoiled mountains and valleys 12,000 years before Christ. We know this from archeology. Erosion long ago erased our great ancestors’ footprints. Today, thankfully, we have permanent footprints — little green spots on […]

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It’ll be OK.

You can’t judge people for the mistakes they’ve madeThey’re trying to make it OKThe past is behind us for a reasonHelp them find something to believe inPeople mess up its human natureIt’s not for us […]