New face, no race in town elections May 6

There will be one new face on the Washington Town Council after its May 6 elections and — barring any successful write-in campaigns — no actual races.

After last week’s filing deadline, it was apparent that longtime council member Alice Butler had declined to run for reelection this year; Katharine Weld Leggett did file the paperwork in time, however, and is the fifth of five residents running for council seats, the others being incumbents Mary Ann Kuhn, Patrick O’Connell, Gary R. Schwartz and Daniel G. Spethmann.

Mayor John Fox Sullivan and treasurer J.R. “Jerry” Goebel, both of whom also serve as council members, are also running for reelection.

County Registrar of Voters Kimberly McKiernan encouraged residents of Washington to vote this year; during the last election in 2010, barely more than 30 votes were cast. There are only 112 registered voters in town, but McKiernan said she’d like to see a bigger turnout this year.