Down Memory Lane for March 20

Aug. 23, 1973

Mrs. Bobby Williams relates the following occurrence at her home above Chester Gap, as witnessed by her father, Elias Wines. Hearing a commotion and the yowling of the family kitten outside her front door Monday morning, Mrs. Williams looked out in time to see a large hawk swooping down and picking up the kitten where it had been asleep on the front porch. The bird gave a leap with the captive into the front yard, and then another short skip to the road beyond, its claws tightly holding the cat around the neck. Mrs. Williams quickly secured her husband’s rifle, and while it was too late to save the life of the kitten, her good aim resulted in one dead hawk.

Maj. Walter B. Kilby has been appointed a department head at DeWitt Army Hospital, Fort Belvoir. He has been named Chief of Pediatrics and is in charge of the pediatrics department. This includes the entire clinic, nursery, other pediatricians and administration. Dr. Kilby graduated from Rappahannock County High School and completed his studies at the Medical College of Virginia.

Plans have been completed for this year’s running of the 25th annual Rappahannock County Invitational Mixed Doubles handicap Whistle Cup Tennis Tournament. Mrs. Tholand, chairman of the event, anticipates 24 teams this year. Quarterfinals begin at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 2 at the courts of Judge and Mrs. Raynor Snead, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac ParrishMr. and Mrs. James J. Kilpatrick and at the Tholand estate. Committee chairmen include Mrs. Fanning Baumgardner, food committee; Judge Raynor Snead, credentials committee; and Ian Pryde, arrangements committee.

June 10, 1982

A family foundation has awarded a $20,000 grant to Sursum Corda School and Day Care Center, according to director Camille Harris. “It is survival money,” she emphasized. Harris added that the same foundation will provide another $20,000 toward the center’s operational deficit next year, contingent upon effective use of this year’s award and upon meeting local fund raising goals. “So what the grant has done is give us two year’s breathing space,” the director noted.

Not a single taxpayer showed up at Monday’s public hearing to complain about the 33-cent tax rate advertised with Rappahannock’s proposed $3.6 million budget for 1982-83. Despite the lack of opposition, supervisor H.B. Wood, traditionally the most fiscally conservative member of a board known for the fiscal conservatism that has kept Rappahannock’s tax rate one of the lowest in the state, indicated that he will seek to have the levy cut to 32 cents at next Monday’s special meeting for budget adoption. This is the year that Rappahannock County is scheduled to go from its old tax base of discounted assessments to taxes based on 100-percent of fair market value.

The offices of the Rappahannock County School Board will be relocated on Monday, June 14, from current quarters in Sperryville to the Rappahannock County Elementary School. The move is a temporary arrangement until the new combination office and ubs shop building is completed. Expected completion date is August 15. The new building, a prefabricated construction, will be located behind the current school bus garage.

April 28, 1993

Mrs. Louise Van Dort said she had resigned as chairman of the Celebrations Committee in January and somebody should be appointed in her place to plan for the Fourth of July Celebration and Colonial Christmas. She said that street signs were falling apart and that some are missing. Council member Ray Gooch was asked to survey the signs and find out what is needed. Mrs. Van Dort also said that during the snowstorm she had requested assistance from the Sheriff’s Office to clear walkways so Erma Jenkins could get food and medicine to Mattie Ball Fletcher. She said she was told to contact the Virginia Department of Transportation, “but VDOT had its hands full.”

Mrs. Van Dort said she ended up paying someone to clear those sidewalks and later saw inmates using town equipment to clear the sidewalks in the courthouse area when the courthouse offices were closed. “We need to have someone as a point person who has the authority of the council,” Mr. Gooch said. Charles Eldred asked if the town has an administrative assistant. When his suspicions that no such person exists were confirmed, he suggested that town council appoint Mrs. Van Dort as a “non-salaried town administrative assistant.” Mrs. Van Dort agreed to accept that position but balked when Mr. Gooch jokingly suggested the administrative assistant would also be responsible for celebrations.

Miss Wanda Payne was crowned Miss Rappahannock at the annual Miss Rappahannock Pageant sponsored by the Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad Saturday night at Rappahannock County High School. Wanda is the daughter of Albert and Barbara Payne and is a junior at Rappahannock County High School.