Planners postpone golf course

The Rappahannock County Planning Commission once again considered Cliff Miller’s proposed nine-hole golf course in Sperryville at last night’s (March 19) meeting, tabling it until at least next month at Miller’s request.

At last month’s meeting, the planners requested Miller obtain comments from Rappahannock Electric Cooperative (REC) on their feelings toward the course, perform well tests to ensure the course wouldn’t affect the rest of the town and possibly redesign the fifth hole.

County Administrator John McCarthy said Miller submitted comments from REC (who approved of the course) and a proposal for drilling a new well specifically for the course just in time for last night’s meeting. “You can see why no one’s been able to get out there and test the wells yet,” McCarthy said, gesturing around to the several inches of snow still covering much of the county.

While the new well has not been dug, McCarthy said Miller’s proposal outlines his plans for digging a new well, as well as the various tests that will be conducted on it. McCarthy said it’s up to the planning commission to decide if that’s enough to allow the course.

Miller, McCarthy said, was unexpectedly called out of town prior to the meeting and asked that the matter be tabled until he’s able to represent it himself before the board.

That request was carried out unanimously, 5-0. (Alex Sharp recused himself and chairman Charles Strittmatter was absent.)

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  1. I am personally horrified at the thought of a golf course any where in Rappahannock. The benefits and appeal of our community is the unspoiled views and rural lifestyle. I consider this to be as despicable as seeing a McDonald’s in Little Washington. If you want to play golf, stay in the suburbs. I’m revolted to my core.

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