Washington column for March 20

One special lady

Prom is not only the biggest high school dance of the year, but the most important. As the dance approaches, the pressure for having a wonderful, memorable time escalates. While there are a lot of things that create an amazing experience, it is important to have a great date.

With some help from purple paint and cardboard (and a dozen roses), RCHS junior Mikey Mitchell asked fellow junior Kellie Baker to prom March 12 before school.
With some help from purple paint and cardboard (and a dozen roses), RCHS junior Mikey Mitchell asked fellow junior Kellie Baker to prom March 12 before school. Jan Clatterbuck | Rappahannock News

Texting and phone calls are efficient, but when you ask that special someone to prom, you want it to be so unforgettable and charming that he or she just has to yes right that instant. For that, you’re going to have to get really creative.

Michael “Mikey” Mitchell took that lesson to heart when asking fellow junior Kellie Baker.

Mikey placed four signs along U.S. 211 spelling out his request: “Kellie/go to/prom/with me?” He was standing at the end, holding a big question mark and a dozen red roses and waiting for her answer. Kellie saw the signs on her way in that morning, got out and gave Mikey a big hug and a kiss. Her answer was yes.

Mikey said he chose such a display, “because I truly love her and wanted to go all out for her because she deserves it. She’s a very special girl and deserves to be asked in a very special way.” He and Kellie have been best friends since sixth grade. “She’s the closest friend to me and I’ve always had special feelings toward her,” he said. Mikey admitted he was a bit nervous beforehand, “but once she got out and hugged me, I felt much better.”

According to Kellie’s mom, Angie, the two have always been able to rely on each other for everything. They were even together once before, but were very young and didn’t fully understand what it was all about. They have been inseparable as friends even though their relationship didn’t work out, and even though both of them have had other relationships.

Guess what? After Mikey’s display, they are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Mikey’s mother and myself couldn’t be more thrilled. The RCHS prom is April 12. Have fun, you two!

WVFR dinner

The Washington Volunteer Fire and Rescue Squad’s ham and oyster dinner Saturday had about 85 people come to partake of the plentiful buffet put together by the volunteers to raise funds for the company. And what a feast! All the food was out of this world.

The volunteers contributed by shopping, prepping, baking, cooking, setting up, serving and cleaning. WVFR want to thank all of those who came out for the dinner! Your support is appreciated.

Birthday wishes

Belated birthday go out to a special lady: The mayor’s wife Beverly Sullivan, who celebrated her day on March 12. John, I hope you gave her roses and took her out for dinner.

Lyme disease network

The Lyme Disease Network, a non-profit foundation, meets at 7 p.m. on the third Thursday of every month at 6398 Lee Hwy., Warrenton (across from the Comfort Inn on U.S. 29). Sometimes they have a special guest speaker or just share what’s happening in their lives.

They have also placed lyme disease surveys in the county library for anyone to pick up and fill out. Surveys can be dropped off at the library. The completed surveys will be picked up monthly, combined with other counties in the five-county area and turned in to the health department.

For more information, call Joyce Nutz (540-522-6349) or Erwin Lesh (540-937-5763).

Lenten service

The Ecumenical Lenten Service continues at Washington Baptist Church on Wednesday (March 26). The dinner and set up will be hosted by members of the congregation at Reynolds Baptist; the music will be provided by choir members of Trinity Episcopal; and Washington Baptist’s Rev. Walt Childress is the guest speaker. A potluck dinner begins at 6 p.m. (service starts at 7). Childcare is provided and everyone is welcome. For more information, call 540-987-8137.


Many thanks go out to Charles Smoot, Jr. for scraping the road on Maple Hill after the snow on Monday (March 17); many thanks also to Joshua Alther for scraping my driveway. It is good to have neighbors when you are in need. Many thanks to both!

Have a great week!