It’ll be OK.

You can’t judge people for the mistakes they’ve made
They’re trying to make it OK
The past is behind us for a reason
Help them find something to believe in
People mess up its human nature
It’s not for us to make a wager
For when they’ll make another mistake
It’s up to you to finally break
This iron chain of hate and lies
Take a stand nobody has to cry
Were here to help, not make it worse
What if it was you burdening this curse?
Hold out your hand to another
Let them now it’s finally over
Open up your heart to those in pain
Show them there’s another way
It’s OK to cry but just know this
It’ll be that smile that everybody will miss
We all go through hard times
There’s been a share that are mine
But at the end of the tunnel there’s always a light
There’s love in this world you just have to try
To look past the darkness just open your eyes
I love you and I’ll tell you why
Because you’re the best person to have come into this life.

Freya Ileana Rodriguez,
11th-grade student, Wakefield Country Day School

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