Down Memory Lane for April 10

Sept. 20, 1973

Aney Melissa Massie, Sheri Kritz and Jennifer Eastham added their bit of glamour to the Women's Club Fashion Show.
Aney Melissa Massie, Sheri Kritz and Jennifer Eastham added their bit of glamour to the Women’s Club Fashion Show.

William Magee of Amissville and Eddie Sutphin of Washington spent a recent vacation in Acapulco, Mexico and while there tried their luck with a pole and line. William caught a nine-footer while Eddie hooked a shark, which bit the line in half and got away. Mr. and Mrs. Sutphin declared they had an interesting trip but had to return home to rest after crowding so much into a few days.

Shawn Donahey and Bubby Settle were among the models for the fashion show scheduled for Saturday sponsored by the Rappahannock Women’s Club. Fashion from Southern Department Store, Warrenton will be modeled by these boys. The fashion show is being held at the local elementary school.

A long-standing personal question that created some friction between Rappahannock supervisors H.B. Wood and chairman Newbill Miller at earlier meetings — whether to allow E.A. McNear to stay on as zoning administrator — was finally resolved in gentlemanly style. When growth pressures expanded the duties of McNear’s office to the point where the zoning administrator wanted an assistant, supervisors Wood and Miller split over whether to accept Col. McNear’s offer to continue his work with the help of an assistant.

July 8, 1982

Supervisor Hubert Gilkey and former county engineer Fanning Baumgardner, the special jail study committee appointed by the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors, met with an architect and Sheriff W.A. Buntin last Friday to look over plans for expanding the county’s jail facilities. The price tag projected for the renovation work is $65,000, Baumgardner said, emphasizing that the figure is a very rough estimate. “It could be as much as $100,000,” he added.

Sylvia Kreitler has been appointed as superintendent of the Rappahannock Welfare Department. She assumed her new position on June 22 after three years here as general social worker oriented toward child service. When Elizabeth Buntin retired last June after 35 years as superintendent of the county’s social services, senior eligibility worker Nancy Reeve took over as acting superintendent. The welfare board asked for a waiver on degree requirements to enable Reeve to hold the position permanently, but the request was denied by the state.

Jay Wayland played Jack the Giant Killer when he dispatched a huge timber rattler on Sunday morning. The 10-year-old Sperryville lad beat the snake to death with a stick after the reptile was flushed by the family dog. The big rattler had 10 rattles and a button, which are now Jay’s prized possessions.

May 19, 1992

Thirty-nine pupils at Rappahannock County Elementary School were sent to hospitals in Culpeper and Warrenton last Thursday after they felt ill. The malady was apparently caused by fumes from cleaning fluids a roofing company was using on outside windows to remove roofing materials from the glass. Most required no treatment. A few, who complained of breathing difficulties, received oxygen. One teacher complained of feeling faint and was also taken to the hospital. The roof was being repaired by workers of John T. Morgan Roofing and Sheet Metal Company of Roanoke under a warranty agreement, said superintendent David M. Gangel.

In spite of growing up and living in one of the few counties in the state without a railroad, Sperryville’s Charles K. “Pete” Estes is a buyer, seller and collector of model trains. He says he collects anything made by Lionel from the early 1900s to current trains, but feels he needs to become more focused. “I really like the 1930s and ’40s reproductions of those trains made by Lionel now,” he said, indicating that if he ever weeds his collection, these are the trains he will keep.