Editorial: Tuesday, May 6

Mark the date! It’s not a Tuesday to vote in a special election but, rather, a Tuesday to donate to your special cause. By way of background, let me explain:

“Buy Fresh, Buy Local.” That’s a now familiar slogan whose positive and welcome message reverberates here among small farmers and their appreciative consumers. To that should now be added not just here in Rappahannock County but throughout the northern Piedmont:

“Give Local!”

On Tuesday, May 6, everyone is invited to go online to givelocalpiedmont.org and donate to your favorite local nonprofit. Over 100 nonprofits are participating, more than 50 of which serve Rappahannock.

Organizing the event is the Northern Piedmont Community Foundation, whose mission, according to executive director Cole Johnson, includes “strengthening the nonprofits in the region we serve” — Culpeper, Fauquier, Madison and Rappahannock counties.

In addition to being the recipient of the donations themselves, each organization will be eligible for prizes; and all donations will be matched by a dollar-for-dollar grant from the Fauquier Health Foundation. For its part, the Rappahannock News has donated free advertising space, not to mention the front-page news story in this edition.

“This event is designed to make giving easy and fun!” says Cole. “The idea being that we all have causes that we support and believe in, but we just do not get around to giving because we are too darn busy.”

Walter Nicklin

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  1. As executive director of Cornucopia Volunteer Farm Foundation, I applaud the Rappahannock News for taking a pro-active approach in supporting this wonderful cause known as Give Local Piedmont.

    For those who haven’t yet heard of us, our farm, located in Culpeper County not from from the county line with Rappahannock County raises produce and protein using volunteer labor and monetary donations and give our bounty to food pantries in five counties, including Rappahannock.

    We are in our first full year of production and expect to help feed our hungry neighbors in the years to come.

    We urge you to LIKE our Facebook Page and seriously consider making a donation to us next Tuesday, May 6 from 12 am to 11:59 pm.

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