Sperryville column for May 1

Runamok in place

Dave Yowell recently announced the opening of his new office, Runamok Systems LLC, in the west office of the TG Taylor Construction building. His business “will provide computer repairs, wired and wireless networks, and cable installation for both Macs and PCs.”

Dave Yowell (right) and his son Robert recently opened a new Sperryville office for their IT and computer repair service, Runamok Systems.
Dave Yowell (right) and his son Robert recently opened a new Sperryville office for their IT and computer repair service, Runamok Systems. Chris Green | Rappahannock News

When I first moved to Rappahannock, I met up with Dave while visiting my friends, the Auchters, in Gid Brown Hollow. He’d just successfully troubleshooted with Barbara Auchter’s notorious Mac and handed me his card: Runamok Systems. I smiled at the apt title and tucked it in my pocket.

After deciding to run a home office on Mount Marshall, I contacted Dave. He kept my business running smoothly for a number of years, especially in the face of the frequently adverse weather conditions encountered on a typical Rappahannock mountaintop. The weather often wreaked havoc on my system, causing all manner of computer mischief. He took care of simple and complex issues and did so quietly, without fanfare and exuded total competence and professionalism. He also deftly managed a frequently panicked, high strung customer such as myself.

Dave has 10 years under his belt working IT full time for Wakefield School (in the Plains), with an additional six on a contract basis — all the while ferrying about the countryside, coming to the rescue of many a resident.

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and Dave’s son Robert is no exception. He’s all about computers as well, and while at Rappahannock County High School — which he graduated from last year — he was their IT intern and now works with his dad full time. He says, with a shy smile, that he sees “a bright future ahead working with my dad.”

Dave and his son are already familiar faces to many in the county. Both are Confederate Civil War infantry reenactors and participate in various county events, including Rappahannock’s annual Civil War Heritage Day, where the names of fallen county soldiers are read off before quiet, thoughtful crowds in front of the courthouse.

Dave’s current office hours are 10 to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, and will be changed according to demand. When on the road servicing clients, Dave’s delightful wife Carolyn will man the phone and ensure smooth communications. Runamok Systems is located at 11945 Lee Hwy. in Sperryville, and can be reached at 540-227-8100 or runamok@runamok.com.

We wish you much success!

Chris Green
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