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Gas pipeline could pass through Rappahannock

A 427-mile natural-gas pipeline from Pennsylvania to North Carolina proposed by Spectra Energy would pass through eastern Rappahannock County, according to a map released this week by the Houston-based pipeline and distribution company.

No decision on sheriff, other costs

The Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors didn’t make any cuts to the proposed $21.99 million fiscal year 2015 budget at its work session Tuesday night (May 13), but rather spent most of its 90-minute meeting discussing the sheriff’s and building offices.

The Rapp for May 15

RLEP (and its guest speakers) talk trees, the Historical Society examines the founding of Washington, John MacPherson offers an all-levels cooking class, the 2014 Farm Tour begins its planning and more in this week’s Rapp column.

Robin and Linda Williams, at home in Americana

After more than 40 years of traveling and performing together — including to this Saturday’s first-ever Rappahannock Americana Music Festival here in Washington — Robin and Linda Williams have heard it all.

Town’s least talkative budget hearing

The Washington Town Council held its official public hearing on the town’s $907,500 fiscal 2015 budget at its regular monthly meeting Monday (May 12) at town hall.

Trials, ceiling repairs on the docket

The sky — or at least the ceiling — was falling in Rappahannock County Circuit Court Monday afternoon (May 12), as a leaky air rooftop air conditioning unit caused part of the ceiling to collapse while court was in session.

Editorial: Big Washington action needed to protect open spaces

There’s been a lot of criticism lately that Rappahannock’s towns, especially its county seat, are becoming “too cutesy” and that the land itself has increasingly become no country for less-than-wealthy folk. But imagine the alternative!

Wild Ideas: The Sharks and Jets rumble on the deck

In an effort to build up her stock of bird photos, Pam Owen decided to put some seed out on her deck to lure a few birds into shooting range, only to be surprised at the variety and the intensity with which some tried to claim the banquet as their own.

150 Years Ago This Week: Deaths of Sedgwick and Stuart

After fighting savagely for two days in the tangled underbrush and heavily wooded battleground that became known as the Wilderness, Gen. Robert E. Lee and most of his officers believed that the Federals would do as they had always done: Stay where they were and lick their wounds.

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