Letter: Rep. Hurt’s underhanded tactics

Last Saturday we attended the Republican 5th Congressional District Convention as delegates for Rappahannock County. The main purpose of the convention was the election of the district chairman. However, a disturbing issue surfaced — the disenfranchising of an entire county’s delegates through the process of slating out their delegates that were not in lock step with the establishment’s choice for chairman.

The delegates whose votes were not counted were from Congressman Robert Hurt’s own Campbell County. He supported the establishment candidate who was involved in the disenfranchisement of the delegates’ votes. Congressman Hurt was asked by one of our Rappahannock delegates about the underhanded tactics being used by the candidate he supported and did not answer the question. He instead continued on his tour of shaking hands and thanking us for his support.

Congressman Hurt, we have supported your campaigns and worked hard to get you elected. Your voting record has been acceptable; however, you should have addressed our concerns and — more importantly — addressed the underhanded tactics that were used to exclude the Campbell County delegates’ votes. Remember that you answer to your constituents and not the political party.

To my democratic friends who may be joyful that the Republican party is being described as divided, you may want to take a hard look at your own representatives. Are they representing your views, or the views of the party leaders? We would rather be a divided party fighting for liberty than a united party that is not paying attention to the actions of their elected officials.

Mike and Barbara Cioffi

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