Letter: False alarms?

As a regular reader and supporter of the Rappahannock News, I was surprised at the very large red-headlined article in the middle of the May 22 issue. I immediately read the (unusually long) article in its entirety.

I kept waiting to see the data that drove the editors of the paper to create this very alarming-looking front page, headline and space in the paper. Ah, here it is, in the nearly last paragraph — a 25-year-old woman who went to Rappahannock County High School almost died of a heroin overdose last year.

I noticed the article claims that heroin is cheaper than prescription meds nowadays. I am wondering why we are being told this. Seems like it is not a good thing to be telling the suggestible folks who might be vulnerable.

I am not objecting to the paper telling us there is a heroin problem in the region. It is good for people to know this and be warned about it. But the nature of the data provided in the very long article does not seem to justify the level of alarm indicated by the red headline, huge front-page picture of a needle and two big columns inside the paper.

I much preferred the photo of Eagle Scout Aidan Gould, who helped create the county’s first skate park. That’s the kind of good stuff that mostly happens around here! I would rather see him on the front page than a hypodermic needle.

Beverly Hunter

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