Little Washington is big news in Big Washington

Abdo's White Moose Inn.
Abdo’s White Moose Inn.

Things are getting a little weird.

This afternoon, we sent All-News Radio WTOP reporter Dick Uliano off with directions to Massies Corner, where we thought he’d have the best chance of finding a Verizon cell signal so he could file the story he’d apparently been working on today in the town of Washington: the controversy over D.C. developer Jim Abdo’s plans for his adopted home-away-from-home, as told to The Washington Post’s business section June 8.

WTOP already did this interview yesterday with Carol Ross Joynt, Washingtonian’s frequent Little Washington correspondent.

On Monday, Post writer Jonathan O’Connell wrote a follow-up on local reaction to his June 8 story.

And today, Joynt filed this report on after interviewing Mayor John Sullivan about tomorrow’s community forum sponsored by the Rappahannock News with Abdo, Sullivan, John McCarthy and others.

That forum starts at 5 p.m. at the Theatre in Washington. Neither internet access nor cell phone coverage are required to ask questions, or weigh in with your comments about development in Little Washington and greater Rappahannock.

— Roger Piantadosi

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  1. I’m from Flint Hill and thirty two years young. I’ve lived in DC for ten years now. Rappahannock is beautiful and quaint because it’s not developed. In the 1970’s they passed zoning laws to prohibit houses on top of each other and fast food chains on every corner. Now a days Rappahannock is a place for the wealthy weekend retreaters. The wealthy send their kids to Wakefield instead of our small public schools. I’ve seen firsthand what you did to Logan circle. You made it place for wealthy gay couples to live and I think that’s great. Please don’t try to do that in my beautiful town. Just cause your wealthy doesn’t mean you change our rules and way of life. If we let you develop Little Washington next year someone is going want to develop Amiisiville then Flint Hill. Eventually we will look just like our surrounding counties. Rappahannock is about mountains and cows not restaurants and store fronts for the wealthy.

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