Photos: Jail time

Officials from three counties cut the ribbon for the new Rappahannock-Shenandoah-Warren Regional Jail Tuesday morning (June 15) at an opening ceremony attended by more than 100 government and law enforcement officers and private citizens who took a post-ceremony tour of the $72 million, 175,000-square-foot facility, which looks from afar more like a high school than a prison (though its purpose, at left, is clear once you’re inside). As Dennis L. Hupp, presiding judge of the 26th judicial circuit, put it: “I will not call it a nice facility. It’s a jail.” But it is, he added, “an impressive facility.” More about the new jail, and Rappahannock County’s transition from a small, 181-year-old local facility, in next week’s paper.

Roger Piantadosi
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  1. I guess I’ll never understand why many many millions of tax payer’s money is spent for such “impressive” structures. Yes some are presumed innocent until proven guilty, but many of those still have it better in this type of jail. Free meals, free medical/dental, free TV, free education, free laundry, no utility bills, free rides to court, free toilet paper…and don’t think the daily $1 a day off sets any costs accrued by the jail. That doesn’t even cover the cost of tail-tissue. Instead of building these “Taj Mahal’s” of jails build a basic structure for under a million and return the savings by giving TEACHERS, LAW ENFORCEMENT AND FIRE/RESCUE personnel decent raises. When needed all aforementioned are GOLD. Otherwise they are frowned upon or forgotten. Such a basic structure should allow for taxes to be lowered and reduce the recidivism rate. Come on people…let’s think outside the box. No wonder so many want to sneak over, and under, our borders. The USA’s jails are a HVAC controlled wonder-land.

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