Letter: You could’ve lived in town. But you don’t.

There has been so much talk lately about how the people of the town of Little Washington are dictating to the county residents what should happen in the county seat that I feel I need to point something out.

You have always had the opportunity to be residents of the town — to raise your children on the streets of Little Washington and watch them learn to ride their bicycles, play and grow up here.

You have obviously chosen to be in the county, not the town. I do not begrudge your choice of where you want to live, but you seem to begrudge the fact that I am “one of 30” who dictates to you what is going to happen here. And now that someone has shown interest in the town to bring in more business in, you are upset.

If you were so concerned about steering the direction the town, why didn’t you move here to keep it residential? You could have prevented these homes from becoming business properties simply by moving into them yourselves.

When I was looking for a home to purchase in Rappahannock County, I chose to live in the town. My bid for the house I live in was accepted over the other bidder in part because I would be a resident! The seller didn’t want a weekender, but someone who would live here full time.

There have been homes in town for sale as long as I have lived here (10 years). These homes were available for anyone to purchase and live in. Now that someone has purchased them for businesses, county residents have taken an interest in what happens in town.

I am not here to say what has happened to these properties is good or bad; that remains to be seen. But for people to be so vehement about how the townspeople are dictating to the county residents what will happen to the county seat, the talk of revoking the town charter, etc., etc. — it all seems to be by people who are ignoring a basic fact: You presume to think that the town residents are trying to control the county, when in fact it is the other way around.

You have had just as much opportunity to be a resident and raise your children on the streets of Little Washington as I have, but you chose another location. If you feel that it is so important to determine what happens in town, then why didn’t you purchase a home within its borders? Then you could run for mayor and take the heat from the county residents when they don’t like what’s happening to “their town.”

Wendy Murdoch

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