Down Memory Lane for July 17

Jan. 10, 1974

Folks in sperryville made it clear Tuesday night that most of them don’t want a highway bypass built around the town. The Sperryville Community Group hosted a meeting at the fire hall so two representatives of the highway department could hear what Sperryville residents had to say. The department has proposed three plans for U.S. 211 and 522 around Sperryville. Peter Luke read a statement on behalf of the Sperryville Community Group that advocated “widening a few curves, building up the shoulders and reducing the speed limit.” Luke emphasized that the group he spoke for did not want a huge, four-lane road.

The Internal Revenue Service has issued a ruling recognizing the tax exempt status of the Carrot Seed Center School in Flint Hill, said James P. Boyle, district director for Virginia. This recognition follows the school’s recently announced admission policy of racial nondiscrimination for students to all school activities. “The Carrot Seed Center School has publicized its racially nondiscriminatory policy in a local newspaper,” noted Boyle. Where a school has publicly announced a racially nondiscriminatory policy, Mr. Boyle explained that for purposes of issuing a ruling, the IRS will assume that such a policy has been adopted and will be maintained in good faith. This is in accord with normal IRS procedures in processing requests for rulings based on future activities.

“Country Road Players,” a little theater group formed under the suspices of the Rappahannock County Education Association, will hold a cast call for its spring production at 4 p.m. Tuesday (Jan. 15) at the Rappahannock County Elementary School auditorium. George Graham, president of the local education association, said this presentation of “Winnie-the-Pooh,” will be the first play done by the group.

Oct. 28, 1982

Baldwin’s Store in Washington was burglarized sometime Sunday evening by thieves who took four guns, two wrist watches, $75 in change and other miscellaneous items, according to the Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office. The break-in occurred sometime between 6 p.m. Oct. 24 and 6:15 a.m. Oct. 25. Proprietor Clarence Baldwin discovered the broken window through which the burglars entered when he opened for business Monday morning, Sheriff W.A. Buntin reported. The sheriff said that Baldwin had noticed a dark car pulled up in front of the store at around 9:30 p.m. Sunday night. Two Virginia State Troopers also saw the same car parked in the store lot that evening but neither Baldwin nor the troopers checked further since “cars are there all the time,” Buntin said.

Alice Pullen of Flint Hill won an honorable mention award for her entry in the environmental poster contest sponsored by the Rappahannock Garden Club. “Clean Up the Stream” was the message on her white ribbon winner. Pullen joined 37 other senior citizens participating in the five-county area contest. All the local entries from seniors in the Area Agency on Aging’s nutrition program will be on display in the Agency’s office on Main Street in Culpeper during the month of November.

Mrs. Ida Cornell celebrated her 80th birthday on Oct. 26, and was given a dinner on Sunday by her children at her home in Sperryville. Following the buffet dinner was the cutting of the huge birthday cake which was baked by Mrs. Cornell’s granddaughter, Mrs. Betty Sisk of Sperryville. Mrs. Cornell has eight daughters, 27 grandchildren and 30 great-grandchildren. There were approximately 50 guests present, including family and friends to celebrate the occasion.

Aug. 20, 1992

The dump truck loads of dirt that came from the Child Care and Learning Center property were part of a deal to get a new driveway and deceleration lane for the day care facility. Years ago VDOT required that the center have a deceleration lane for westbound cars turning into the property. The center was able to delay putting in the extra lane until the four-lane project was underway. Mrs. Rose Ann Sharp is also planning on a new modular building at the center to be built with Head Start funds she anticipates getting this winter. For two years she has been juggling grant applications trying to serve at-risk three and four year olds who will be served by Head Start.

Tommy Williams looked the slightest bit depressed as he sat behind his desk piled with stacks of papers he was organizing in order to clear out of the office he has been in for the last several years. It didn’t appear to be the task at hand that was getting him down, but most likely the fact that he was leaving a job he had loved to strike out for new territory and he was having mixed emotions. Mr. Williams, Rappahannock County’s Farm Extension Agent for the last four years, leaves this week to begin his new job working with the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) on Aug. 17, where he will be in charge of working with the southern state division of the organization dealing directly with the various state departments of agriculture implementing the FIFRA program.

The annual serial reconnaissance by the Virginia State Police proved successful last week, with overflights of the county yielding two patches of homegrown marijuana, said Sheriff John Henry Woodward. Woodward said about a dozen plants were found in an isolated area off Route 612 in Old Hollow, and another 42 were found in a patch off Route 620 near Five Forks. He said the plants, from three to six feet tall, had apparently benefited from the abundant moisture.