Letter: Say no to wireless companies

AT&T/Community Wireless/other proxies have again entered the picture and are approaching private landowners about erecting cell phone towers on their properties.

Disregarding the 24/7 propaganda on the airwaves; the rigged, unconstitutional laws forbidding people to oppose these towers on health grounds (they know it is dangerous to people’s health and don’t want the liability); the bought-off scientists; and the political correctness that says whatever is being pushed must be in our best interest, these towers are dangerous from a health and privacy standpoint, and endanger both the landowner, the neighbors and the whole county.

We should be removing towers from this county and country, like many overseas countries are doing (some African countries have torn them down with their bare hands when their people started getting sick).

Do not agree to have a cell phone tower on your property, or on any property affecting children. All the health effects are augmented in children. No amount of money or long-term lease is worth it.

Some recommended reading:

• cellphonetaskforce.org: The main page has an article about Edna and Marshall Pettipas of Afton, Nova Scotia, and how a cell tower that was forced onto their property ruined their health, property and lives.

electromagnetichealth.org/electromagnetic-health-blog/survey-property-desirability/: A poll showing property values go down and people do not want to live around these towers.

mercola.com: A search for cell phone towers yields much information, including the towers’ effects on children and the dangers caused by their proximity to school property.

stopthecrime.net/trower.html: Interviews with Barrie Trower, military trained microwave specialist, on the dangers of these towers, especially for children. His mission is to remove these towers and to warn the public about the public health threat we now face.

Say no to wireless companies!

C. Price

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