Letter: ‘Let the towers rise!’

Today I did some research as to wifi availability across the globe: South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Latvia, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Belgium are ahead of the United States. Finland and the United Kingdom trail the U.S. in the top 10. Citizens of Albania, Ukraine and Estonia have superior Internet service than the residents of Rappahannock County.

Here we are, 85 miles from our nation’s capital and we must depend on very expensive satellite Internet service, antiquated dial-up service or the excellent service at the Rappahannock Public Library.

The environmentalists in the county should be apoplectic about the effect on global warming that results from the automobiles parked around the library on evenings and weekends with their engines idling while they use the powerful wifi signal generously provided by the library and Book Barn. Yes, there are a handful of residents who can access Comcast, but that is also expensive and unreliable.

I am blessed with nine acres on Harris Hollow Road and would be happy and willing to offer my land to Community Wireless to erect as many towers as they thought necessary to provide decent and reliable Internet service to the good citizens of our county. The invitation is also open to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint. I’ll even provide lunch and refreshments for the construction crews while they build the towers.

When Christmas comes I will string lights on them and provide a beautiful lighting display unlike anything witnessed in Rappahannock County. The only thing I am asking in return is long overdue decent and reliable Internet service.

My email address is dutyandhonor@gmail.com. Let the towers rise!

Paul Hagstrom

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