Letter: Lions: Filled with pride

As we move into our 56th year of service to Rappahannock County, it gives me tremendous pleasure to share with you how the Rappahannock Lions Club supports the unique needs of this wonderful place we share.

Outgoing Lions Club president Spots Williams (left) goes over club duties with incoming president Gordon Axelson at the club’s July picnic and induction.
Outgoing Lions Club president Spots Williams (left) goes over club duties with incoming president Gordon Axelson at the club’s July picnic and induction. Larry “Bud” Meyer

Over the years we have sponsored numerous local activities and events, as well as various individual needs. This support has been accomplished by a combination of cash donations as well as “Lions on the spot” — classic, sweat-equity volunteer work that needs to be done.

We may be best known for bringing the Sight and Hearing Van that enables us to visit all of Rappahannock’s local schools, both public and private. This capability becomes even more useful with the recent introduction of a new technology called PediaVision. This enhanced screening is easier, more accurate and provides earlier detection and referral for vision problems.

Some of the other important causes we support traditionally are the Boy and Girl Scouts and the 4-H Club. We turn out in force to support Rappahannock Day at Camp Fantastic for children dealing with cancer. We stand behind the Bland Music Contest, which is so important for talented youth. We support education as well, through college scholarships for deserving local graduates, as well as the Leo Club, which gives our high school students some real insights into community help.

In addition to all of the above, we support numerous other social service needs as they occur throughout the year.

I’m sure you can see that the Lions’ involvement covers a wide area and a number of very deserving issues. Although we can’t fix everything, we really try to make as much happen as possible. Therefore, fundraising is very important and makes all of the above possible. Our annual fall ChiliFest and Draw Down is the best example of bringing the community together to raise funds and spirits! And you can count on seeing the Lions at Quicke Mart in the fall selling apple butter and brooms.

Lastly, we are always on the lookout for those men and women who feel that they would like to give a little of their time in support of Rappahannock County. I’m impressed with the quality of the men and women in our club, their fellowship and caring, and the genuine good times we have together. Each one of them really defines service, and it is a privilege to serve as incoming president. I’m joined by an able group of leaders: First vice-president Yogi Bear, second VP Larry Grove, third VP Ross O’Donoghue, secretary Jim Manwaring, treasurer Frank Raiter, and other directors and officers.

If you’d like to know more, contact a local Lion or reach out to our membership chair Frank Raiter at 540-937-7958. Please come and see us. We’ll definitely put you to work in a way that will make you proud.

Gordon Axelson
President, Rappahannock Lions Club

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