Letter: A local alternative to cell towers

In response to Paul Hagstrom’s letter last week, and an as an FYI: Piedmont Broadband is a locally owned and operated company that has been operational for more than six years and at present provides internet service to more than 200 clients. We also have maintained a “green philosophy” in building this business, meaning no towers. Rappahannock County is a unique place in which we are privileged to live. I am sure as time goes on, the building of cell towers is a sure thing, but until then, let us all enjoy our scenic beauty for as long as we can.

Also, Piedmont Broadband today covers more area in the county than any of the proposed areas where the towers are to go. Harris Hollow is, in fact, an area where we already provide service. My bet is that a cell tower in that area is not feasible because of the return on investment. So if you can’t get our service, you most likely will not get the cell tower. One big difference is that at Piedmont Broadband, we happen to care if we can get you service at some point, and are always working to find ways to do so.

I want to personally thank our clients for their loyalty and business, and make it our goal to provide consistent and great internet service to as many Rappahannock residents as possible.

Rich Shoemaker
President, Piedmont Broadband Inc.

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