Letter: Why I welcome additional cell service

I read, with great concern, C. Price’s letter several weeks ago, “Say no to wireless companies.” Living in rural Castleton, I already contend with no cell phone service in my area. Currently, I must drive three to five miles from my home for cell phone reception.

Ms. Price may say, “So what? Use the regular phone.” Good idea — but at least once every six weeks I have no regular phone service and must rely on my cell phone.

Why would it matter? My mother is 89, uses a walker and falls frequently. I must call for help to get her up. Last time she fell I went to my phone — not working. I had to leave her lying on the floor and drive three miles to where my cell phone worked to call for help.

This is why I welcome additional cell towers; they have a use.

All electricity is dangerous, as are most things in this world. We must examine all sides of an issue. Negativity is not the best approach to solving any differences in opinion.

Ellen Gore

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