Zoning board OKs setback requests

Two setback variance requests were approved by the Rappahannock County Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) as part of a 13-minute meeting Wednesday night (July 23).

Displaced by fire levy board meeting, the four present BZA members (chairman Robert Weinberg was absent) gathered in the court’s holding room on the lower floor of the courthouse and considered two setback variance requests from Susan Parrish.

Parrish told the BZA at its June meeting that she wanted to put an addition and a garage/workshop area on her Washington property. While Parrish presented letters of approval from two of her neighbors, a third, Jonas Alther Jr., objected to the placement of both, as he felt they would be much too close to his property line.

Taking into consideration Alther’s feelings, the BZA tabled the matter in June and asked Parrish to return when she had explored the option of moving the addition to the other side of her house, further away from Alther’s property.

Wednesday night, Parrish said she’d done as the BZA asked and moved the addition to the other side of her house, farther away from the neighboring Alther property line. Parrish said she’d also lessened the setback variances themselves, and was asking for a 13-foot variance for the addition, and a 20 foot variance for the accessory building.

“I’m satisfied with the house,” Alex Sharp said. “That should address Mr. Alther’s concerns.”

“I think she’s done exactly as we asked and tried to accommodate our concerns,” agreed Christopher Bird. “This would seem a pretty reasonable thing.”

The rest of the BZA agreed and unanimously approved Parrish’s requests, 4-0, pending approval by the health department.