Photos: Rooftop restoration

This multi-story scaffolding in the front of the county courthouse has allowed restoration crews from the John Greenwalt Lee Company to start repairs on the historic building’s roof, cornice and woodwork. County Administrator John McCarthy says he expects the repairs, necessary because of water damage over the years (and, in at least one case, an improperly installed rain gutter), to be finished by the end of the month. Below is the view from the scaffolding’s summit (which is off-limits and guarded attentively by staff at the sheriff’s office next door, by the way). For more information, photos and to track the courthouse project’s progress from the relative safety of your desk, visit

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  1. PLEASE DO NOT let the John Greenwalt Lee Company roofers use an open flame torch on the seams of metal roofing. The Chatham Co NC Courthouse was nearly totally destroyed in March 2010. Old heartwood pine will explode into flame like a dried xmas tree if touched by a flame

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