Courthouse Row for Aug. 21

Home/land transfers

The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office Aug. 8 to 14:


Joel Lee Cress and Judith Kay Cress, husband and wife, to Jeffrey T. Byrd and Janet L. Byrd, husband and wife, 1.3767 acres, $349,000, general warranty, tax map 32-2-2


Harold L. McDermott and Margaret C. McDermott, husband and wife, to Thomas S. Englar Jr. and Katherine B. Englar, husband and wife, 30.055, $800,000, general warranty, tax map 30-55C


Russell A. Jenkins to Russell A. Jenkins, trustee under the Russell A. Jenkins trust, no consideration, deed of gift, tax map 37-9D


Alexander William Henze, co-trustee of the Paul B. Henze trust, to John W. Gill Jr. and Tammy D. Gill, 25.2985 acres, $582,000, tax map 40-44D


Christopher Jon Lueder to William J. Haggerty, lot 19 at Syland Falls Estate, $27,500, general warranty, tax map 12A-1-19

Charles E. Corder Jr., and Virginia C. Corder, husband and wife, to Roger L. Foster, 2 acres, $150,000, general warranty, tax map 21-7C

Christopher Jon Lueder to Thomas C. Lyon and Anne E. Lyon, lot 20, $27,500, general warranty,  tax map 12-A-1-20

— compiled by Jan Clatterbuck