Letter: Privileged to be a Pre-K teacher

Last Tuesday (Aug. 12), I spoke to the Rappahannock County School Board and shared my feelings of gratitude concerning the efforts to build a Pre-K program for our students. I would like to share my comments with the community and extend my thanks to all who have assisted to make this program a reality.

To the community, the superintendent and the Rappahannock County School Board: I am honored and excited to be the Pre-K teacher at Rappahannock County Elementary School and have the privilege of helping pioneer this new program for our school.

I am so appreciative of the support and confidence that the superintendent, school board and Cathy Jones placed in me as the person to teach the program. I will give 100 percent to make sure that this program is successful and a benefit to our community, our school and our students.

Once I found out that I would have the position of Pre-K teacher, Dr. Donna Matthews and Mrs. Jones suggested I make a wish list. For any teacher, that is a dream come true. I set to work on my dream wish list, thinking only that many of those things on the list would remain just that — a dream. But each time I visited the school throughout the summer to set up a new room, there were always boxes with my name on them. As I unpacked them, I felt just like a child at Christmas.

A few things were left on my list, such as individual student supplies, but as of the beginning of the school term, I was pleased to find that an anonymous donor had furnished the funding for those supplies; these items are now sitting in the new Pre-K room! The students and parents who came to back to school night were so excited by all of the wonderful things the room now displays.

I would also like to say a special thank you to an anonymous donor who so graciously wanted to provide all of the school supplies for our students, from backpacks and pencil boxes, to Clorox wipes for every child.

As I was privileged enough to do the shopping for those supplies because of the generous $1,400 donation, I was reminded that in a world of so many sad and discouraging things, there is still good and there are people who care about our community, our schools and our students. Many of the students on my list would not have had the luxury of picking out all of those supplies, but the generosity of that special donor made it possible and took the burden off families.

I am so blessed to be a part of history in the making at RCES — not only by incorporating this program, but by impacting the present and the future by providing an opportunity for these children to have access to a Pre-K education and to identify our at-risk children, meeting their individual needs.

Children truly are first here at RCES. We are given a precious treasure and it is the privilege of teaching children. I am so thankful I get to be a part of that. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful opportunity and for your support!

Tiffany Keys
Pre-K teacher, RCES

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