Letter: A cell tower on school property: ‘appalling’

The Aug. 14 school board story on “opening discussions” with cell companies to erect yet another needed tower in the county and its placement location should be a real concern to the people of our great county.

The high school as one of the named possible locations is appalling. How could the officials of our county allow or even consider a school as a location? A cell phone tower should not be placed anywhere near a school, period.We believe many people with children in school in Rappahannock feel the same way.

According to celltowerdangers.org, “Cell tower radiation is composed of powerful pulses of electromagnetic energy — so powerful that at close quarters they will thermally ‘cook’ what is near them. Even at further distances these waves create an unending cacophony of jumbled pulses that disrupt the natural functioning of biological forms.”

We are exposed to 100 million times more electromagnetic radiation than our grandparents were. These EM fields have impacted humans and animals, as well as the ecological balance. Studies of people and farm animals living around high electromagnetic field (EMFs) exhibit everything from stress and inability to focus, to sleep disorders, birth defects, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

From a practical standpoint, most of us want better reception and more communication capability, especially for safety reasons. But are we really going to sell out the health of our children to gain this, risking both their health now and in the future? Some of us are led to believe that there are no harmful risks associated with these towers.

Can we consciously allow our teachers and children to be subjected to a “science project” while we wait to find out the possibility of terrible consequences down the road? Move it somewhere else! The money these cell companies want to offer the school doesn’t add up the value of innocent human life. 

We are dealing with the issue of pure greed on the part of these wireless companies. They care nothing about the dangerous health effects on people living near these towers of doom. Having a mobile phone — and the risks of using one — is an individual choice.

What is not an individual choice is whether a mobile phone tower with all of its health risks is placed in your neighborhood or worse on school property. Simply put, it is wrong. It goes beyond wrong — it’s a travesty.

Wake up, people! These days, our parents and grandparents are no longer living to be 90 anymore. With an ever-increasing toxic world we live in, go figure or go do some research — at sites like safespaceprotection.com/electrostress-from-cell-towers.aspx or nstarzone.com/CELL.html).

Jeremy and Amy Christopher

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