Letter: Pipeline has a positive side

Our son is a geophysicist, and after working in the oil services industry in Houston for 20 years (10 of which were for a Norwegian company), he was able to find employment in western Pennsylvania and move back with his family to work for a natural gas distribution company (not Duke Energy) that had expanded into drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus shale of Pennsylvania.

This was made possible due to the hydraulic fracturing technique. While environmentalists have made that drilling technique a big issue, the claimed risks have been greatly exaggerated. All fuel production, which is greatly needed in this country for our convenient way of life, has some risks and drawbacks.

While I appreciate the concern about preserving the beauty of Rappahannock County, a buried pipeline carrying natural gas through a small section of the county would surely not affect much. Actually, it seems that the pipeline would help preserve the land’s natural state, since buildings could not be erected directly over the line during its existence.

Nancy Yowell Starr
Erie, Pa. (native of Rappahannock County)

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