Newcamp to undergo mental evaluation

A young Castleton man withdrew a guilty plea Tuesday morning (Aug. 26) in Rappahannock County Circuit Court and will undergo a mental competency evaluation in the next 90 days.

On Feb. 25, 20-year-old Jeremy Dylan Newcamp pleaded guilty to one count each of assault and battery, grand larceny and entering a structure with the intent to commit larceny, as well as unlawfully possessing a firearm.

Summarizing evidence at that time, Commonwealth’s Attorney Art Goff cited Amissville resident Charles Dodson’s testimony that on April 22, 2013, he awoke to find the door of his shed — in which he kept five shotguns — slightly ajar. The door’s padlock had been cut and the guns removed, he said.

Then-Rappahannock County Sheriff’s Office investigator J.C. Welch said he later recovered the guns in the woods behind Amissville resident Rayland Brown’s house. Brown, who testified last August in exchange for full immunity, said he drove Newcamp to Dodson’s property and provided trash bags for Newcamp to wrap the guns.

Tuesday morning, Newcamp’s attorney Kirk Milam filed three motions: one to withdraw Newcamp’s guilty plea, one for him to undergo a mental competency evaluation and a third to have him evaluated for his sanity at the time of the offenses.

“The signs weren’t as obvious with Mr. Newcamp as they are in other cases,” Milam told Judge Alfred D. Swersky. Milam said that Newcamp’s “high verbal abilities” obscured his deficiencies, and asked that he be properly evaluated before being sentenced.

Goff agreed with Milam’s assessment, and said Newcamp’s mental state may have impacted his original guilty plea. Judge Swersky ordered an evaluation, the results of which will be reviewed at Newcamp’s next hearing on Dec. 4.

License violation brings jail time

Vivian Denise Zeigler, 40, of Remington, was sentenced to five months in jail for driving on a revoked or suspended license, her eighth such offense.

Zeigler had missed her last two sentencing hearings because of car trouble and hospitalization, said her attorney, David Dischley. Zeigler had pleaded guilty on June 16. Swersky sentenced her to 12 months in jail (seven suspended), fined her $1,000 and suspended her license for an additional 90 days.

Afterwards, Dischley asked Swersky to consider granting Zeigler delayed reporting to jail so she could make plans to take care of her young daughter. Dischley also requested Swersky authorize electronic home monitoring so Zeigler could serve her sentence without losing her job.

“As far as the idea of delayed reporting, I’d have to oppose that,” Goff said. “It’s been hard enough to get Ms. Zeigler to court.”

Swersky denied Zeigler delayed reporting, but did authorize electronic home monitoring, though the final decision is up to RSW Regional Jail authorities, he said.

Sheriff’s Report: burglary, ID theft, 911 abuse

RCSO Deputy Shawn Walters’ investigation led to the arrest of two Madison men last week on charges related to a region-wide string of burglaries, the RCSO reported this week. William Douglas Smith, 24, was charged with burglary and grand larceny; Christopher William Hitt, 26, who is in custody on similar charges in Prince William County, was charged with one count of grand larceny. Both Rappahannock charges stem from an incident on June 16, 2013; both men are scheduled for arraignment Sept. 2 in district court.

On Aug. 21, Walters also charged Shalonda Latay Clanagan, 20, of Washington, with two counts of ID theft with intent to obtain goods or services worth more than $200, and two counts of grand larceny, after she allegedly obtained the checking account information of a local charity — for which she was performing court-mandated community service as part of a sentence on an embezzlement conviction in Fauquier County in April. Clanagan’s arraignment is Sept. 2.

On Aug. 15, the RCSO charged Tammy Lynn Walters, 42, of Amissville, with harassing/hindering emergency personnel by phone after she allegedly made repeated calls to the 911 emergency line at RCSO from an expired no-contract cell phone — 911 being the only call possible from a cell phone with no minutes left on it — reportedly to discuss her arrest the week before on charges of driving on a suspended/revoked license. Walters is due to be arraigned on both charges Sept. 2.

Sheriff Connie C. Smith also reported that the Promise Land Baptist Church on Gid Brown Hollow Road had been burglarized the night before last Sunday morning (Aug. 24), when congregants discovered a door broken down and most of the church’s vintage musical equipment — including Peavey and Fender amps and speakers — gone. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact investigator Walters at RCSO (540-675-5300).

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  1. Breaking into a Church? I hope this person(s) involved turns themselves into the Sheriff’s Office. This crime is just pure “SINFUL”. The Promise Land Baptist Church most likely would have helped if help was sought.

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