Letter: A balanced Washington, Va.

Over the past several months, I’ve read many negative comments about the town of Washington. Some of the accompanying suggestions in those comments as to how to resolve those negatives seem misplaced.

The main issue in much of the discussion is the population of the town. We have been in the midst of a huge economic upheaval in our country for quite awhile now, and Washington has been as well. Here, there now seems to be an uptick in buildings, long vacant or going through several ownerships unsuccessfully, which have now been purchased and are in the process of being re-established as viable places.

The Child Care and Learning Center business was able to sell the schoolhouse property which, in my understanding, was necessary as a way for them to move forward with the plans they have for their most valuable CCLC. That building could now be an opportunity for someone to add apartments in it, which could aid in some town population increase.

In the June forum conducted by the Rappahannock News, County Administrator John McCarthy mentioned that when the town is ready to start tackling the notion of housing expansion, the county is open to the idea of adjusting the town/county boundaries so the town takes in that land and works on its residential growth expansion.

My point in all of this is that we can go forward and grow and become even more vibrant in a positive way. By working together, talking with John McCarthy and our local realtors (and others), we can discover the best ways to achieve population growth in addition to the current and proposed businesses to get the balance between the two that the town needs and desires.

Sheila Dwyer Gresinger
Flint Hill

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