Sperryville column for Sept. 11

Smiles and dancing dragons

Stonewall Abbey in Sperryville was the site of much ado early last Sunday morning. The high-ceilinged, sunlit Abbey was filled with familiar faces of neighbors and friends — all students practicing the ancient Asian discipline of qigong fusion led by Master Gordon Wicks.

Dragon dancing was the highlight of Gordon Wicks’ recent qigong workshop at Stonewall Abbey. Photo by Chris Doxzen
Dragon dancing was the highlight of Gordon Wicks’ recent qigong workshop at Stonewall Abbey. Photo by Chris Doxzen

The sound of modulated deep-breathing techniques — the quiet and focus palpable — filled the hallowed space. When the class ended, the doors opened to let in the families and folks waiting outside to enjoy the forthcoming demonstrations, a celebration of Wick’s and Susan Huff’s new business venture.

Children sat silent and enraptured as exhibitions of ancient disciplines were given by students of the art. For children as well as adults, the highlight was the dragon dancing. Smiles and laughter abounded, Gordon’s rapport and chemistry with the kids evident, as they clambered to have photos with him and the dragon.

Congratulations on a successful opening both in your Culpeper location on Saturday and Sperryville on Sunday. For more information, visit goldenharmonyva.com site or stonewallabbeyyoga.com or call Huff at 540-250-3828.

Fletcher’s felines need homes

Barbara Fletcher of Sperryville passed away suddenly this summer, and left behind quite a legacy of her famed generosity — two dozen cats she kindly watched over and fed, spayed and neutered. Most were cats that she inherited when her next door neighbor moved.

Since her death in June, more kitties came and a couple of litters of kittens have been born. Now, new homes and barns are needed for them.

RappCats, the county’s volunteer cat rescue group headquartered in the old packing shed in Flint Hill, in conjunction with a generous donation from Barbara’s niece Catherine Fletcher, has agreed to spay and neuter the 24 or so cats and eight kittens.

However, since there is no facility large enough to house them at this time, they each need to be spoken for and have a permanent home arranged for before they’re captured and fixed.

The felines are currently living in and around a soon-to-be-demolished shed. The new neighbors have very kindly offered to delay the demolition until all the kitties are retrieved and rehomed, but time is still of the essence. Barbara’s next door neighbor Dino Murphy is among the volunteers continuing to feed the cats, and, in conjunction with RappCats’ treasurer Mary Ann Kuhn, will trap them once they’ve found homes.

If you can open up your hearts, homes and barns, the little tykes are yours for the keeping. Please contact Mary Ann directly at 540-675-2020 or RappCats at 540-987-8099 (and leave a message).

Chris Green
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