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Town weighs ‘balance,’ approves tourist home

After three months of delays, the Washington Town Council held a public hearing on a special-use permit application Monday night at town hall that would allow White Moose Inn owner Jim Abdo’s hotel staff to book and manage an occasional tourist home at 199 Main St.

Rapp schools fully accredited

New state accreditation standards were released Tuesday (Sept. 16) by the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE), and report that RCES, “accredited with warning” last year, is fully accredited this year.

The Rapp for Sept. 18

The fall season brings a slew of events this weekend, Middle Street hosts a new all-photography exhibit, R.H. Ballard debuts Viviane deKosinski’s “View with a Room,” the Historical Society explores the history of Amissville, the new ping pong club is already a success and more in this week’s Rapp column.

RCHS’s project-based environment

“Project-based learning” may be a new buzzword in the education community, but Rappahannock County High School’s environmental science is ahead of the curve, and has been using PBL techniques for years.

Coming in the mail, stickerless shock?

In this year’s personal property tax bills, county residents will notice an increase meant to compensate for the discontinuance of the flat $20-per-vehicle tax collected in exchange for a county windshield sticker these last 30 years.

Editorial: Autumn’s changing ways

As this newspaper was going to press came word of a new government census: Exactly how many stink bugs are there? That’s kind of like asking how hot the sun is. Now, as a harbinger of autumn, we have stink bugs instead of apples.

Wild Ideas: Sorting out the sumacs as summer subsides

Sumacs spark a wide range of reactions, from love to loathing, to confusion. That confusion comes mainly from trying to sort out the three larger, most common species here — the smooth, staghorn and winged sumacs, which can easily be confused with each other and with trees.

150 Years Ago This Week: The Great Beefsteak Raid

In Atlanta, Ga., on Sunday, Sept. 10, Maj. Gen. William Sherman received a wire from Lt. Gen. Ulysses Grant in Virginia, urging him to leave Atlanta and begin a new drive against Gen. John Hood’s Confederate Army of Tennessee.

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