Letter: It’s Headwaters that should be thanked

Headwaters held its annual Taste of Rappahannock on Saturday (Sept. 13) at Mount Vernon Farm. Among the many guests and donors were numerous behind-the-scene planners and laborers who pulled off another spectacular event to benefit the many children of Rappahannock County.

Headwaters is well-renowned in the community for its dedication to fostering education and promoting community resources to meet the diverse needs of our students, but the employees and students of  the school division have had valuable firsthand experience with them. They are truly devoted to the educational betterment of our children.

Students benefit each and every day from the dedicated volunteers that offer support at our elementary school. Through the Starfish mentoring program, after-school enrichment and the READ program, our students experience the bonds of community and the additional support needed to foster healthy, happy children.

The Starfish mentoring program adds support at our high school; recommended students often have a mentor who follows them throughout their school experience. Additionally, Headwaters assists the high school guidance department by making the “next steps” needed for post-school careers or college placements

 In fact, this past year, Headwaters collaborated with the high school to place students into internships across the county — another venue for students to gain job experiences and make valuable connections within our community.

The scholarships assist with the needs of college and offer encourage for the continuation of lifelong learning. Lastly, Headwaters offers mini grants for our teachers. The application process allows teachers to think and create lessons outside the box.

There are various ways to say thank you to the community of Rappahannock County, but I felt it appropriate to publicly thank Headwaters for all they do. They are truly a foundation of support for our students and our school division.

In the words of Margaret Meade, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Dr. Donna Matthews
Superintendent, Rappahannock County Public Schools

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