Letter: Support governor’s Medicaid plan

On Sept. 9, Gov. Terry McAuliffe put forward a proposal for limited  Medicaid expansion which may affect up to 20,000 uninsured Virginians with mental illness. In doing so, Gov. McAuliffe acknowledged that the House and Senate had stymied his efforts to:

• expand Medicaid to the 400,000 uninsured Virginians who fall into the Medicaid gap;

• repatriate the $5 million a day that Virginians pay to the federal government under the ACA for Medicaid expansion;

• compensate hospitals for the reductions in Medicare payments that they will receive under the ACA, which has already resulted in lost jobs and hospital closings;

• add 30,000 jobs to the Commonwealth to assist in the care of the Medicaid population;

• and put 400,000 Virginians on the path to better health care — a benefit which accrues to all Virginians.

I urge all Rappahannock voters to contact their representatives (Sen. Mark Obenshain: 804-698-7526 or 540-437-1451; and Del. Michael Webert: 804-698-1018 or 540-999-8218) to support the expansion of Medicaid in the special legislative session beginning Sept. 18.

These are both thoughtful public servants who are interested in what their constituents have to say. Calling their offices is a way to make your voice heard in state government.

Ross O’Donoghue
Chairman, Rappahannock County Democratic Committee

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