Letter: Un-chartered territory, unmentioned last week

I would like to add some information that wasn’t noted in last week’s report of the September board of supervisors’ meeting.

First, a note about process. It would be useful for someone to know in advance, when taking advantage of a public comment portion of the agenda, that apparently there is no requirement after one has spoken for the board to acknowledge that an issue has been raised; or that they formally intend to include it as a future item for more comment, or anything else.

An item that missed coverage last week is that an issue was raised before the board to have them publicly support a request to our state Del. Michael Webert and Sen. Mark Obenshain to seek, through the legislature, the revocation of the charter for the Town of Washington. It was also requested that the legislators work to amend the current statutes governing the issuance and revocation of municipal charters.

There is currently no defined method for citizens of a county — or even the county board — to initiate such a request through the courts, equivalent to the one defined for creation of towns. In connection with this request, it should be noted that the board was asked to review the information provided to them and schedule a public hearing  in the near future to allow public discussion of the issue.

T. Pagano

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