How to say hello in America

In America, the airline pilot and the train conductor both say, “Welcome aboard!”

The cabbie asks, “Where to?”

The preacher says, “Let us pray.”

The politician pleads, “Vote for me.”

The policeman orders, “Pull over!”

The Girl or Boy Scout offers, “May I help you?”

The postal clerk asks, “Need tracking on your package?”

The supermarket cashier wonders, “Did you find everything?”

The masseuse wants to know, “Where does it hurt?”

The usher suggests, “This way, please.”

The bartender smiles and says, “Whatʼll you have?”

The coach urges, “Okay team, hereʼs the play.”

The parent warns the child, “Be careful!”

The sales clerk asks, “May I help you?”

The waiter wants to know, “May I tell you our specials today?”

The umpire shouts, “Play ball!”

The foreigner wants to know, “Which way to the main square, please?”

The barista says, “Tall or vente?”

The bank teller offers a cheery, “Good morning.”

And at the office of the doctor or the dentist you are asked — not in so many words, of course — but clearly, on paper: “How are you going to pay for this?”