Letter: Do me no favors, Mr. Gaughan

Thank you for the interview with Lawrence Gaughan [“The goal: a good turnout,” Sept. 11], the Democrat who hopes to replace Rep. Robert Hurt as our (5th district) delegate to the U.S. House of Representatives.

The part I found most informative and decisive for me was his comment on why he should be selected for national office. “And if [Hurt has] helped anybody in the last three or four years, I can’t find them. I’ve talked to people who’ve said they might vote for him, but he hasn’t done anything for them. And there’s a lot of folks I’ve talked to that he hasn’t helped at all.”

What I want for my representative is not someone who will do things “for” me: I want someone who will stop others from doing things to me. These “others” include ISIS, illegal immigrants, street gangs and the federal government he is joining, like the IRS and the EPA. The founders called that “liberty.”  You will find these ideas in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

I don’t know if Mr. Gaughan has thought this through yet, but there is no free lunch. If he is going to go make a name for himself doing things for people, that can only happen if he first takes something from someone else; maybe even from me to do things for me. Whatever you call your party, if that is what you believe the central government should do, you are a socialist. Congratulations.

And taking away my choice of what is best for me was called “tyranny” back in the 18th century.  The best thing you can say about a strong central government is that it is “inefficient.” And so the health care plan he criticizes Rep. Hurt for opposing forces 20-year-old bachelors and geriatric nursing home patients to both purchase birth control coverage. Duh.

So thank you for clarifying why I will vote to return Robert Hurt to Congress.

Bob Klaus

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