Letter: Official leave of absence?

This past weekend I saw a great example of amateur theater (“Salt & Pepper”) before a full house of not only local but many out of county folks. The work of the Rappahannock Association for Arts in the Community (RAAC) is certainly an example of our county’s outstanding not-for-profit organizations in providing support to key social and cultural activities in our recently so-called wasteland needing a pulse.

While the venue for the event was in our county seat, attendance was a cross section of the county, specifically many of our local supporters of what I’d call “all things Rappahannock,” such as the leaders and members of the various not-for-profits that enliven and strengthen our sense of community. These are many of the same folks that consistently support, sponsor and attend the numerous activities in the county for which we are all grateful. Clearly our citizens are engaged.

What became apparent to me (and not for the first time) was that not only RAAC activities but other such events seem to be missing the presence of the political leadership of our county, both elected and appointed. I have long wondered why we see so little of them in purely social setting where they could take the pulse of the electorate and see their constituents in a different light. Perhaps they just don’t relish the risk of being asked about things they don’t want to discuss publicly?

Bill Freitag
Flint Hill

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