Letter: Robert Hurt deserves reelection

I am writing in response to Fred Schaefer’s letter last week regarding the upcoming election. I could not disagree more with his conclusion and I implore my fellow citizens to join me in supporting our member of Congress, Robert Hurt, on Nov. 4.

Rep. Hurt has been an effective voice for us in Congress, promoting a positive agenda of economic growth and opportunity for all. He has also been an outspoken critic of President Obama’s abuse of executive power, which has reached unprecedented levels in this administration, whether it’s the IRS targeting scandal, executive orders that encourage more illegal immigration when we are already facing an immigration crisis, or the President’s attempts to rewrite his signature health-care law for the political gain of his allies.

Hurt has consistently taken the President to task over these reckless policies and has also been a champion for limited government and fiscal restraint. Most of all, he listens to his constituents and serves them to the best of his ability. Hurt most certainly deserves reelection in November.

Angela D. Deavers

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