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Grant will help Rapp schools upgrade security

Rappahannock was one of 373 Virginia schools that received a security grant from Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s office last Thursday (Sept. 25). McAuliffe awarded $6 million total, of which Rappahannock County Public Schools received $13,488.

Rappahannock in the news

Of course Rappahannock is in the News. We’re talking about the news. Herewith, a quick rundown of attention paid to various Rappahannock County businesses, artists and others in the D.C. and national media world over the last month.

The Rapp for Oct. 2

Support the volleyball teams’ annual Dig Pink campaigns, learn the history of Amissville, get a glimpse inside SCBI, view Old Rag Gallery’s new tree-inspired photo exhibit and listen to Bill Dietel recount his experience running the nation’s oldest all-girls boarding school in this week’s Rapp column.

Grand, dramatic, cozy: the 2014 tour

This year, Trinity Episcopal Church will again do what it has been doing for 57 previous years — host the House Tour and Dried Flower Sale (Oct. 18-19) to raise monies for its local, state and national charities.

Potter, painter, more: Back on the tour

In addition to the new artists on the Rappahannock Artists and Gallery tour this year (Nov. 1-2), several popular Rappahannock artists will be returning, including painter Benita Rauda Gowen and potter Susan Dienelt, who’s hosting guest artists Jeanne Drevas and Davette Leonard.

News briefs for Oct. 2

The RSW Regional Jail Authority appoints a new superintendent; the planners and BZA approve a family apartment; the town ARB accepts Rare Finds’ and Ray Gooch’s projects; and three rabies cases were reported in Rappahannock last year.

Editorial: Lessons from up north

Maine and Cape Cod would seem to have very little in common with Rappahannock. But recent policy studies reveal the three distinct geographic areas have similar challenges — namely, youth out-migration and the cost of housing.

Wild Ideas: A newly noticeable native mantis

Over the course of just a few days, Pam Owen had several serendipitous encounters with an insect new to her — the Carolina mantis. After years without a single sighting, she glimpsed three in four days.

150 Years Ago This Week: ‘The Burning’

In response to Lt. Gen. Ulysses Grant’s August orders to eliminate the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia as a source of supply to the Confederacy, Maj. Gen. Philip Sheridan ordered his men to begin destroying in earnest barns, mills, crops and livestock throughout the Valley.

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