Letter: A Farm Tour success, thanks to many

On behalf of the organizing committee that made the 2014 Rappahannock County Farm Tour & Festival a success, I would like to thank the following people:

I thank the 32 tour venues who opened their farms and businesses — and hearts — to visitors for, in most cases, an entire weekend. Their enthusiastic participation has resulted in our tour becoming one of the premier such events in the Commonwealth.

I thank my sister-in-arms, Beth Hall, who solicited vendors and efficiently rode herd on the Artisans’ Market at Avon Hall from conception, to being on site all weekend, to pulling the last sign out of the ground. Heartfelt thanks again go to the Rappahannock Lions Club for providing the big tent at the market that was so useful over the weekend.

I give special thanks to Kevin and Rachel Summers of Crowfoot Farm. Rachel’s timely email reminders were worth millions, and what can I say about Kevin? He volunteered to design and edit the tour guidebook, resulting in a wonderful document about which we are all so proud. He also solicited estimates from printers and picked up the 2,000 copies.

Special thanks also go to Candace Wroth of John McCarthy’s office for her ongoing assistance, and to Sandra Maskas of the county Visitors Center for her enthusiastic support. And thank you, Jed Duvall, for delivering a slew of signs and guidebooks with such aplomb.

I would also like to thank the Washington Town Council for again approving our use of Avon Hall and the Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors for a bit of a grubstake for the event. So, who really made the event possible? The citizens who responded to Hal Hunter’s letter in the Rappahannock News soliciting sponsorships and those businesses, friends and family who said “yes” to my telephone, online and in-person requests for support.

The entire list is at the back of the tour guidebook, but I would like to also recognize the following generous supporters: Barbara and Matthew Black, the Rappahannock County Democratic Party, Jan Makela, and Rick and Kaye Kohler of Real Estate III and the Piedmont Environmental Council.

Finally, I’d like to thank my fellow county residents for participating in the event. I hope you discovered something new about our beautiful county and met a least one person during the tour that inspired you. I know that I did.

Cathie Shiff
Farm Tour Committee chair