Letter: Let’s look for solutions that matter

Of all the problems and opportunities facing Rappahannock County — and I prefer to think positively about opportunities — whether the town of Washington should lose its charter ranks very low. Recent letters to the editor and discussions on other public venues have been acrimonious and not helpful in trying to come together to coalesce around possible solutions — and yes, opportunities.

I would hope that we could agree that people who step forward, whether in leadership roles in the town, as county supervisors or school board members, or as leaders in civic endeavors have in common a love of this county — and for residents of Washington, of their town.

We need first to acknowledge that, whether or not we agree with every decision made by our elected officials, they are people of good will with no hidden agenda. The meetings of the town are open and everyone is free to speak and question whether they are residents of the town or not, as are the meetings of the county supervisors and school board. Let’s move forward together to search for solutions that matter.

Judith DeSarno

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