Letter: Headmaster’s: A perfect fall capstone

This past weekend was one of those magical Rappahannock weekends for me and my daughter. Not only was it perfect weather, but all of our local haunts had the spirit and atmosphere of an old-fashioned Christmas Eve afternoon where people are happy and helpful and just plain wonderful.

Now, fasten your seatbelt, because our weekends are busy: Between multiple stops at Settle’s and Mayhugh’s, we frequent 24 Crows, the Griffin Tavern, Roy’s Orchard, the dump, the Co-op, the county park tennis courts, Meadowbrook Farm, Horse N Hound, services at Trinity, Ballard’s, Rudy’s Pizza and, this weekend, a very enjoyable lunch at the Headmaster’s Pub.

Cliff Miller IV (or V or VI) deserves special recognition for turning the old schoolhouse into a fun place to hang out. I was worried about whether it would make it after my first visit about a year ago when I walked in at noon to the smell of cleaning solutions, no lights and no music.

After patiently waiting for service and asking the server to turn on the lights and music, I observed a table of men sit down and then get up and leave after a quick look at the menu. Not a good sign.

But this weekend we gave it another try, and I’m glad we did! Great atmosphere, delightful server and delicious bar food, which was perfect on a coldish fall day. We played cards, watched a little college football and really enjoyed ourselves.

And I’m very excited to try out the golf course when it’s up and running. I think it will be a great addition to our weekend activities in Rappahannock County. Good job Cliff!

Jeff Riley

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