Letter: Preventable tragedies

I was shocked, disheartened and deeply saddened to read about the circumstances surrounding Richard  Brown’s tragic death, as reported in last week’s edition of the Rappahannock News. If there had been adequate cell phone service, he most likely would be alive today. This 68-year-old man, a victim of a weed-eater accident, bled profusely while his colleague ran half a mile uphill to the nearest home for phone service. Really?

I am a champion of maintaining the bucolic vistas of our rural areas. Indeed, I live on a 30-acre horse farm and enjoy unobstructed, dramatic, Blue Ridge mountain views. Therefore, I understand Rappahannock County’s reticence to compromise rural charm. However, I have no understanding of your county’s historical unwillingness to have cell coverage supplied.

While I’m not a man well-versed in cellular technology, I am fully aware that many states, and indeed other countries, conceal their cell towers in ingenious disguises. In California, along Interstate 8, for example, cell towers are disguised as palm trees. Right here in neighboring Oakton, in the middle of the town center, a cell tower is disguised as a pine tree.

This unfortunate, tragic event should be placed fairly and squarely upon the shoulders of a group of rabid and vocal anti-development residents whose short-sightedness probably caused this man to die. As anyone who has experienced a tragic event can attest, precious seconds can play a pivotal role and many minutes were lost in this instance.

I guess I simply don’t understand why anti-development sentiment and practices should jeopardize the safety of your citizens. There should be no conflict, if towers are skillfully designed and constructed.

Larry Green
Slate Mills

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