Rapp SAT scores up across the board

Rappahannock County Public Schools’ SAT scores are up across the board, according to a presentation by superintendent Dr. Donna Matthews’ to the school board Tuesday night (Oct. 14).

Matthews pointed out that Rappahannock exceeded the state and national averages — and often by double digits — in critical reading and writing, while its math scores (a point of contention in the elementary school’s accreditation process last year) were in line with Virginia averages, and ahead of the national average.

Rappahannock’s mean math SAT score was a 550 — 35 points higher than the state average (515), and 58 points higher than the national average (492). Writing scores averaged a 499 — six points better than the state’s 493, and 15 points higher than the national average of 478.

Rappahannock’s math scores, meanwhile, are at 512 — exactly the state average, but 11 points above than the national average of 501.