Down Memory Lane for Oct. 30

May 30, 1974

“It’s is my pleasure,” said Lile Sisk as she loaded down a  guest with dilled turnips and carrots and green beans and suggested that some of her carrot cake or black walnut cake, sweet and sour onions, pickled squash, beet wine or damson cordial would be good to try, too. Mrs. Sisk has been gardening and cooking for years at her home near Sperryville, but she said she “hadn’t been heard of” until a Rappahannock Arts and Crafts fair two years ago. Then she sold several hundred jars of the canned, pickled and dilled “stuff” she’d saved from her garden. Since then, her cookies have made it “to the White House table” through a visitor with the Rappahannock Hunt; television newsman David Brinkley, a frequent visitor, brought his bride over for a little of Mrs. Sisk’s beet wine; and The Washington Post sent a reporter to get the recipe for “Lile’s dillies.”

Tom Taylor, who has been an outstanding participant in cross country and track at Rappahannock County High School, also excelled in sportsmanship and was awarded a trophy for this admirable quality at the sports awards banquet held Monday evening at Holiday Inn, Culpeper. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Taylor of Sperryville.

Mike Smoot of Washington received several awards and letters in athletics at the RCHS sports awards program Monday, including this special award for the athlete giving the most for the cause, or perhaps it could be called a sliding award, said the basketball coach. This is a replica of a splinter Mike picked up in his posterior from the hardwood floor of the gym. He was taken to a hospital to have it extracted and, needless to say, ate off the mantle for a while.

March 31, 1983

Dr. J. G. Brown of Woodville, who practiced in a wide area of the county for a span of almost 50 years, is remembered by patients, neighbors and friends.

Folks who needed his services — and these ranged from Woodville all the way down to Madison and up into the mountains in between — remembered him as a conscientious, very modern doctor for his day. Stories abound of him saving lives and limbs, sometimes with only the most primitive of tools and conditions.

In 1946, Dr. Edwin Eastham opened a small office across the street from Tony’s Grocery Store in Front Royal. The office is still there and so is Dr. Eastham, practicing medicine as he has for 40 years. Though he still makes house calls now and then, he has not delivered a baby in 20 years.

Eastham graduated from Washington High School in 1935 and then attended George Washington University, where he received both his undergraduate and M.D. degrees.

Two adult leaders from Rappahannock were among more than 250 scouters and their spouses who attended the 55th Annual Scouter Recognition Dinner held at the Ridge Campus of James Wood High School in Winchester.

Joyce Andrews of Washington received a Statuette Award for outstanding service.

a 15-year Veteran Unit Award was presented to Rufus Baines of Troop 36, Flint Hill Volunteer Fire Department.

Dec. 16, 1992

A much smaller and completely different crowd showed up for the public hearing on school expansion Monday night than showed up last January, and most speakers this time supported building a middle school. Following the public hearing in January, when speakers had asked for alternatives to the middle school, the School Board hired a consultant who said the space problems at both schools could be solved temporarily by modular classrooms at a cost of $651,000. Superintendent David Gangel said he saw no evidence that the crowding is the result of a temporary problem, and so he could not recommend modular classrooms.

The Rappahannock Loan Closet isn’t what it sounds like. So the volunteers who staff this vital service for the community have decided to change its name to Rappahannock Convalescent Aids. For more than five years a small group of volunteers has been collecting all manner of things to help those recovering from serious illness and then lending them out at no cost. Joining Mrs. Mank in this effort are her husband, Sid, Mary Williams, Sara Latham and Ethel Bailey.