Letter: Elect Gillespie, release the Senate’s chokehold

Americans have been battling back from the recession only to see an underwhelming rate of economic recovery. Businesses and workers labor each day to rebuild our nation’s economy; however, little help has come from Washington. This November, I ask you to consider the message Virginians can send to Washington. Virginians are tired of “business as usual” and need to see real progress in a gridlocked Congress. Ed Gillespie is running for the United State Senate and has shown he is the candidate to get the Senate moving in the right direction. He has offered a number of ideas that would help get Virginia business growing again and has even proposed realistic alternatives to the Affordable Care Act — an initiative that has been anything but affordable for the American people.

I know Ed Gillespie to be an honest man and know he will make a great senator. Ed’s campaign has focused on American initiative — not governmental intervention. Ed believes in Virginia, and I believe in him.

In their recent endorsement piece, the Richmond Times Dispatch may have said it best: “We would like to see Congress begin to function as the Founders intended — debating, amending and, from time to time, passing legislation that can help release the country from its many current constraints. We don’t believe that can happen until Nevada Sen. Harry Reid, who has turned the Senate into a legislative catacomb, is removed as majority leader. Virginia can help accomplish that worthy goal by electing Gillespie to the United States Senate.”

While Ed will be receiving my vote, I urge you to do your own research. Look beyond the talking points of each party and examine the message and the man. Look at Sen. Warner’s voting record — you might be surprised to see how little Sen. Warner resembles the bipartisan candidate he claimed to be when he ran for governor. I’d also ask that you consider whether or not the votes Sen. Warner has made these last few years have actually benefited the Old Dominion. Mr. Gillespie does not have a voting record; however, I insist you examine his proposals and see how they would benefit both the commonwealth and the nation.

Del. Michael Webert (R-18th)

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